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Page 3-10 ● Policies and Procedures

School Catalog About Legacy School of Healthcare

Our Mission To prepare competent and compassionate healthcare workers that meet and exceed industry, state, and federal standards. To successfully change the culture of healthcare workers through training and education.

Our Vision To successfully become the industry standard for healthcare training by preparing and re educating healthcare workers across the country in classes and seminars.

Location Legacy School of Healthcare is located at 1001 Snows Mill Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406. MAILING 1130 University Blvd,Suite B9 Box 375,Tuscaloosa,AL 35401

Faculty and Staff Titisha Melton-Coordinator, Instructor BSN Dr. Veranda Melton-Instructor DNP Dr. Mary Kelley-Instructor PHD Daniel Melton-Administrative Secretary

Programs Certified Nurse Aide Approved by Private School Licensure Division of the Alabama Community College System Alabama Department of Public Health History Legacy School of Healthcare was founded in 2018 by Titisha Melton, who wanted to improve the quality of patient care and the working environment .

Admission General admission requirements include a valid state or government issued identification, a government social security number,negative PPD/Chest X-ray, immunization records, negative drug screen, background check, application. Questions Any questions or concerns please call 205-462-8190 or email Legacy School of Healthcare Catalog Vol.1 1 Courses Certified Nurse Aide 75 Hours This program of study will provide the necessary education and skills needed to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program test to become a certified nurse aide and be placed on the state nurse aide registry. Curriculum Theory 35 hours Lab 24 hours Clinical 16 hours Exams Unit exams and skills evaluations are given throughout the program. A final comprehensive exam will be given.

Graduation Graduation is held at the end of the program and is included in the tuition. Certification To be placed on the state nurse aide registry and be certified students must successfully complete a state approved nurse aide training program and test with the National Nurse AIde Assessment Program.

Tuition and Expenses Application Fee must be submitted at time the application is turned in for it to be reviewed. Application Fees are non-refundable and cover application, background check, and drug screen. See fee itemization chart. Tuition is due by the Friday before the class is to start. If tuition is not paid in full by the deadline given student will not be allowed to attend class. See fee itemization chart. Legacy School of Healthcare does not accept cash or checks. All monies must be paid by money order, cashiers check, credit or debit card. Credit and debit cards are subject to a 2.9% fee.

Financial AId Contact Legacy School of Healthcare for tuition assistance options.

Holidays Labor Day, Independence Day,Thanksgiving,Christmas,Martin Luther King Day Legacy School of Healthcare Catalog Vol.1 2

Job Opportunities The need for certified nurse aides is growing at an above average rate of 11.5%, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Legacy School of Healthcare not only trains nurse aides, but also aides in job placement of successful candidates

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Legacy School of Healthcare Catalog Vol.1 3

Legacy School of Healthcare LLC Certified Nurse Aide Program GENERAL INFORMATION The Legacy School of Healthcare LLC (“LSH”) Certified Nurse Aide program (“nurse aide program”) consists of seventy-five (75) hours: thirty-five (35) theory hours, twenty-four (24) lab hours, and sixteen (16) clinical hours. Successful completion of the nurse aide program will allow students to test for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program and become certified through our contracted testing site, Medcom. Successfully passing the certification test will make students eligible for placement on the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry and for employment as Certified Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice facilities, and mental health facilities. The Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Community College System Private School License Division has approved LSH’s nurse aide program. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 1. Purpose The purpose of the policies and procedures manual (“Agreement”) is to outline LSH’s rules, expectations, and potential consequences if a student violates these policies and procedures. For each section, please initial, sign, and date the bottom of each page. The initials and signature serve as your acceptance and agreement to adhere to all policies and procedures. Failure to abide by the procedures herein will result in the consequences outlined below. 2. Employment Notification LSH does not guarantee employment with any employer. LSH will assist students in finding possible job opportunities but does not guarantee successful employment. LSH will provide each student with the necessary education per the state and federal guidelines to test for certification as a nurse aide. 3. Disciplinary Procedures If a student violates these policies on three (3) occasions, LSH will dismiss the student from the program, without a refund, and the student must wait at least six months (6) to reapply. The warnings are as follows: ● First violation: verbal warning with signature; ● Second violation: written warning with signature; and ● Third violation: dismissal unless otherwise noted. 1 4. Admission Criteria For admission to LSH, the student must meet all admission criteria including: ● Submission of an application and required documentation; ● Paid registration fee; ● Submission and passage of a background check; ● Submission and passage of a drug screen and TB test; ● Proof of valid government-issued identification and United States Social Security Number; and ● Proof of immunization. Initial ____ 5. Payment of Tuition and Fees The student agrees to pay all fees associated with application. For questions regarding fees, please see the Fee Itemization Chart. The student agrees to pay the course tuition. This tuition is due the Friday before the class is to start. Failure to pay tuition will result in refusal to attend class. NOTICE: Legacy School of Healthcare does not accept cash or checks. A student must use a credit or debit card to pay all tuition, fees, and other payments. Credit and debit cards are subject to a 2.9% fee. Initial ____ 6. Payment Plans Payment plans are available to the student upon request. Students are required to make a non-refundable $100 deposit if utilizing a payment plan, and all payments must be made in full before starting a class. Payment plans may also be subject to a $200 fee, see Fee Itemization Chart below. If students decide they no longer wish to complete the payment plan, LSH will refund their payments within 30 days, but students will incur a 25% fee on money paid. IF STUDENT IS IN THE LEARN AND PAY PAYMENT PLAN (4 PAYMENTS OF $250 FOR ONLINE) THE MONEY IS NON-REFUNDABLE7. Refunds The student is not permitted a refund if the student initiates withdrawal from the program unless: ● Refund is requested before the close of the first week of classes and meets the requirements of the Cancellation/Withdrawal Provision stated below; OR 2 ● Refund with an online purchase is requested within one (1) week of enrollment. NOTICE: If Legacy School of Healthcare cancels a cohort, students will be given the option of a full refund or transfer to another cohort. LSH will notify students of cancellation by phone, email, and mail. Refunds will be completed within thirty (30) days. According to the Alabama Community College Systems Private School License Division, Refunds of unearned prepaid tuition, fees, and other charges shall be made in the following manner within thirty (30) days of termination: (a) if cancellation occurs within seventy-two (72) hours of enrollment date, all money paid by the prospective student shall be refunded. (b) If cancellation occurs after seventy-two (72) hours of enrollment date, but before classes begin or correspondence materials are delivered, a refund shall be made of all money paid except the registration fee. (c) If cancellation occurs after classes begin or after shipment of correspondence materials, a pro rata refund will be made of all unearned prepaid tuition, fees, and charges for books and supplies not issued to the student. Once LSH has issued and a student has received books and supplies, these become the property of students and refunds may be made only at the discretion of the private school. (d) A full refund is due to students whose contracted educational services are denied by the school as a result of economic or academic fraud as defined in the Code of Alabama §16-46-1(7) and (8) (1975). Initial ____ 8. Cancellation/Withdrawal Students are allowed to cancel or withdraw at any time. If a student wishes to withdraw, he or she must provide written notice to LSH within one (1) week of withdrawal. If the student is requesting a refund, the student must submit a written request within the timeframe set forth in the LSH’s refund policy. Students who withdraw and plan to transfer to a different cohort must also provide written notice. All written statements must be hand delivered. Initial ____ 9. Fraud LSH will not tolerate fraudulent payments (including fraudulent money orders, cashiers’ checks, debit or credit transactions). If LSH determines that any payment to LSH is fraudulent, the student will not be admitted to any class. Notice: If payment by an individual is determined to be fraudulent LSH reserves the right to seek legal action against those individuals. 3 Initial ____ 10. Overdraft LSH will charge a $20 fee for any insufficient funds transaction. Initial ____ 11. Online Hybrid Class Students who enroll in Online Classes must complete the required course work: thirty-five (35) theory hours, composed of twenty-four (24) lab hours and sixteen (16) clinical hours. The Online Theory portion of the class must be completed before attending lab; however, the student must attend on campus lab and clinical hours. All exams certifications will be provided on LSH’s campus. Initial ____ 12. Equal Opportunity/Discrimination LSH does not engage in any form of discrimination on the basis of a student’s age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, or religion nor does it permit discrimination on its campus. Initial ____ 13. Smoking LSH is a smoke-free facility and campus. LSH has a strict non-smoking policy. Smoking will not be permitted inside the facility or on the facility grounds. Students are not permitted to smell like smoke while reporting to and participating in class. Violation of this rule will result in the student being asked to leave and participate in a make-up class in compliance with the Make-Up class provision within this Agreement. If a student violates this policy three times, the student will be dismissed from program, pursuant to LSH’s disciplinary procedures listed in this Agreement. Initial ____ 14. Food Food will not be permitted in the lab or clinical areas. Students may bring food to consume during breaks in designated areas only. If a student requires special medical accommodation, the student should inform the instructor who will attempt to make reasonable accommodations. 4 Students found to be in violation of the rules will be asked to put food away. If a student violates this policy three times, the student will be dismissed from program, pursuant to LSH’s Disciplinary Procedures listed in this agreement, Initial ____ 15. Technology Use LSH is a technology free campus. Students are not permitted to use laptops, tablets, computers, cell phones, smart watches, or any other electronic device during classes, labs, or clinicals. Cell phones should be kept on vibrate in case of personal emergency. Students should not use cell phones at leisure during learning, unless an instructor directs students to do so. Initial ____ 16. Child Friendly LSH is proud to be a child friendly campus; however, LSH does not provide childcare. LSH will provide a quiet room where students will be allowed to sit with children and hear the lecture. LSH’s provision of a quiet room does not equate to childcare, and LSH will not be liable for negligence associated with the provision of the quiet room. By signing this agreement, students release LSH from all liability resulting from any incident from bringing a child on campus. Students who choose to bring their children are responsible for the actions of those children. LSH is not liable for children brought on campus by students. Initial ____ 17. Visitor Policy With the exception of students’ children, no pets, visitors, or guests are permitted. Initial ____ 18. Attendance Students must be present for all scheduled classes, labs, and clinicals. Students must complete the program hours in their entirety to receive a certificate and sit for the NNAAP examination. Students must make up any classes within five (5) days pursuant to LSH’s Make-Up Policy listed below. 5 Failure to make-up missed class time within the allotted time frame will be grounds for immediate dismissal. In the event of dismissal, students are not eligible for a refund, transfer, and must reapply and retrain pursuant to LSH Policies listed in this Agreement. Initial ____ 19. Tardiness Tardiness is defined as showing up any time after the scheduled start time of class, lab, or clinical. For example, if class starts at 9AM and the student shows up at 9:01AM the student will be counted as tardy. Three (3) tardy assessments will equate to one (1) absence. Students will not be permitted to make up more than one (1) invalid absence obtained through tardy assessments. Excessively tardy students will be dismissed from the program and will be denied a refund or transfer. Initial ____ 20. Absence LSH does not tolerated absence. In order to complete the program successfully, students must complete all required hours. A student may be excused from lab, clinical, or class with proper documentation. Excused classes must be made-up within five (5) days of absence pursuant to LSH’s Make-Up Policy listed below. Failure to make-up time within the allotted time frame will be grounds for immediate dismissal without refund or transfer. The student must reapply and retrain. Initial ____ 21. Make-Up Classes Students must make up all missed time in order to successfully complete the program. Students have five (5) days to make up the missed day. Failure to make-up time within the allotted time frame will be grounds for immediate dismissal, without refund or transfer. Student must reapply and retrain. Initial ____ 22. Student Records Each student’s record shall be made available upon request of the student to prospective employers and other duly authorized persons. 6 LSH shall provide safeguards to protect the student records from damage, loss, or compromise by unauthorized persons as mandated by federal and state statutes. Initial ____ 23. Testing On testing days, students are required to leave all personal belongings at the front of the classroom until testing is complete. Students may only have pencils, an eraser, and an analogue watch, unless an instructor otherwise advises. The test will be written in English. Students with diagnosed learning disabilities or needs should present proper documentation for accommodation. Students may only take the test once. The test will include a written and/or skill portion. Initial ____ 24. Clinical Requirements Before students attend clinical, a student must complete a negative PPD or chest X-ray, clear background check, clear drug screen, and CPR training. Students must also meet the clinical site requirements before attending clinicals—these requirements are not subject to LSH control and students are responsible for complying with these site requirements. Students must receive a score of 100% proficiency by instructor during lab before students will be allowed to perform that skill on a patient or resident. All clinical hours are required to receive certification. Student must actively participate in clinical activities. Initial ____ 25. Dress Code In the healthcare field, there are certain expectations regarding one’s appearance. LSH students must closely abide by those rules during classes, labs, and clinicals. These requirements are for the safety of the patients and students. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Rings are limited to a wedding band. The Dress Code requires: ● No dangling earrings are permitted, and only one pair of stud earrings are allowed. ● No facial jewelry, including tongue rings, are permitted during instructional time. 7 ● No visible tattoos are permitted. If tattoos are present, please wear appropriate attire to cover them. ● Hair should be clean and pulled away from face. If hair is longer than shoulder length, hair should be pulled back and up off shoulders. ● Students should not wear perfume, cologne, or scented lotions. ● Nails should not extend past the finger and should be clean. No artificial nails or polish are allowed. ● Uniforms should be clean and wrinkle free. ● Sunglasses are prohibited. ● Student must have clean clothes and skin with no pungent odors. Student should wear the following attire: ● Class/Lab –Business Casual attire, no open toed shoes, watch with second hand. ● Clinical – Scrubs/uniform, closed toed shoes, and badge. Students’ failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in being sent home without attendance credit. Initial ____ 26. Code of Conduct/Behavior These standards apply to all classrooms, labs, and clinical settings. The following Conduct is expected to be followed by Students at all times during their time as a LSH student: ● Students will not use any profane language. ● Students must show respect to classmates, instructors, and LSH property. ● Students are prohibited from writing on any of LSH property. ● Students are expected to stay on task during discussions. ● Students found to be off task will be redirected. ● There will be no horseplay, hitting, or violence of any sort. ● Students are expected to raise their hand and wait to be called upon. ● Harassment of any kind including, but not limited to physical, sexual, verbal, or written harassment will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal from the program without refund or readmission. ● Students should keep noise to a minimum. ● Students should not talk loudly or listen to loud music. ● Students will maintain a professional atmosphere conducive to learning. ● Student must actively participate in class. ● No sleeping, talking without permission, or laying heads on desks. Initial ____ 27. Breaks/Lunch 8 The instructor will schedule breaks and lunchtimes. If students take breaks outside of schedule times, the instructor will count the students absent, and the class must be made up. Initial ____ 28. Criteria for Passing/Completion In order for a student to successfully pass and complete the program, students must maintain a 70 or higher overall program grade average. Grade allocation is composed as follows: ● Theory/Class – 50% ● Lab – 25% ● Clinical – 25% Students must pass tests, quizzes, and skills. The instructor will consider individual and group participation in the computation of grades. Coursework and lab grading is commutated using the following formulas: ● Class (50%) = tests 25%; homework 10%; individual/group participation 5%; quizzes 5%; journal 5% ● Lab (25%) = participation 20%; quizzes 5% LSH grades by the following scale: A=100-90; B=89-80; C=79-70; D=69-60; F=59-0 Initial ____ 29. Failing Failing is defined as any grade below a “C” or 70. Students who are failing must schedule and attend a meeting with the instructor to discuss their performance. Instructors will make every reasonable effort to accommodate students and their learning abilities in order to successfully complete the program. If students fail the program, they may reapply once within a twelve (12) month period. Initial ____ 30. Students’ Rights Students have the right to speak with the instructor regarding grades and progress. 9 Students shall be informed of any adverse findings. Students have the right to a clean and professional learning environment and atmosphere free of clutter and excessive noise. Initial ____ 31. Books LSH will provide each student with a textbook to complete the course the price is included in the cost of tuition, see the Fee Chart below The textbook is the property of LSH and must be returned upon completion, withdrawal, or dismissal of the program. Students must return textbooks without any writing, highlighting, or any other manipulation. Students should not fold, rip, or destroy pages. If students fail to return the book in the condition they received it, LSH will charge the student a book fee. Students may check out textbooks following course completion if the student puts down a refundable deposit. LSH will return the deposit if the student returns the book in the condition in which it was loaned and in a timely manner. A student must return all books before he or she may sit for testing. Initial ____ 32. Cheating, Dishonesty, and Stealing LSH students are expected to be of high moral standard. LSH will not tolerate any form of dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism. All work must be students’ original work. Failure to adhere to this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal with no refund, no transfer, and no readmission. Further, stealing of any kind, including but not limited to LSH property or LSH students’ property, is prohibited. Initial ____ 33. Inclement Weather/Emergencies 10 LSH will follow the surrounding school district’s weather advisories and will schedule makeup days. Students may get information regarding cancellations by calling the school or checking LSH’s website. Initial ____ 34. Grievance If applicable, students should make grievances in writing within thirty (30) days of the completion of the program. Students should hand deliver written notices, and LSH will provide a receipt. Written grievances must include the following: ● name, ● address, and ● phone number. Students should provide as much detail as possible. LSH will thoroughly investigate each grievance. LSH will mail correspondence of the complaint’s outcome to the student at the address provided on the complaint within thirty (30) days. If the claim is substantiated, the student will be allowed to apply to the program at no additional cost within eleven (11) months. After the timeframe has elapsed, the student will be subject to cover the cost of certain expired testing. Initial ____ 35. Intellectual Property Educational material and instruction are LSH’s intellectual property. Students should not share any part of the education instructions or learning with those not enrolled at LSH. Sharing, receiving, or giving of any LSH educational materials will be grounds for dismissal with no transfer, readmission, or refund. Initial ____ 36. Reapplying 11 Students who are approved to reapply must do so within eleven (11) months following last program attended, unless otherwise stated. The readmission start date must fall within the eleven month window. Students are only allowed readmission to the program once within twelve (12) month period. Initial ____ 37. Safety Students have a right to a safe learning environment. Students are not permitted to bring weapons of any kind. Guns are not permitted on campus or in clinical settings. Initial ____ 38. Name Badge LSH will provide students with name badges. Students are required to wear the name badge at hip level at all times of instructional training. Students must return name badges at the end of the program before testing. If a student loses a name badge, he or she must pay $5 to replace the badge. Initial ____ [Fee Itemization, Signature Page, and Enrollment Agreement Attached] 12 FEE ITEMIZATION Item Fee R=Refundable NR=No Refund APPLICATION $50 NR -Application, interview 10 NR -Background Check 20 NR -Drug Screening 10 NR -PPD 10 NR Traditional Course: TUITION and TRAINING FEES $1197.18 -Tuition & Fees 973.18 R* -CPR ** 75 NR -BP Cuff** 12 NR -Watch** 10 NR -Uniform** 15 NR -Book 27 NR -Stethoscope** 10 NR -Liability Insurance 15 NR -Test*** 60 NR *Subject to Refund Policy (see above),**not included in sponsorship***based on employment status of sponsorship Online Course: TUITION and TRAINING FEES $997.18 -Tuition & Fees 803.18 R* -CPR ** 75 NR -BP Cuff 12 NR -Watch 10 NR -Book 27 NR -Stethoscope 10 NR -Liability Insurance 15 NR -Test*** 60 NR *Subject to Refund Policy (see above),**not included in sponsorship***based on employment status of sponsorship PAYMENT PLANS INCUR A $200 FEE. $100 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. 13 Program consists of 75 hours This training will cost: $997.18 (online) or $1197.18 (traditional) *sponsorship excluded ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to all policies and procedures set forth by Legacy School of Healthcare. I was provided answers to any questions I had regarding policies and procedures. I will abide and adhere to all policies and procedures listed. My signature is my attestation. _______________________________ _____________ Print Name Date ______________________ Signature 14 LEGACY SCHOOL OF HEALTHCARE LLC ENROLLMENT AGREEEMENT Binding Agreement: This agreement will be fully binding upon the instance the student and an authorized representative of the school have fully completed, signed, and the agreement prior to the time instruction begins. Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement among the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and, unless otherwise provided herein, supersedes all prior agreements or understandings written or oral in respect thereof. Amendment of the Agreement: This agreement may be amended, modified, superseded, cancelled, renewed, or extended, and the terms or covenants hereof may be waived, only by a written instrument signed by all the parties hereto, or in the case of a waiver, by the party waiving compliance. Effective Date of Acceptance: I certify that I have read and understand the cancellation and refund policy and the complaint procedure; I have received a copy of the school catalog or brochure; and I am entitled to an exact copy of this Enrollment Agreement, school catalog, and any other papers I sign. Cancellation of Classes: The school reserves the right to cancel a starting class if the number of students enrolling is insufficient. Such a cancellation will be considered a rejection by the school and will entitle the student to a full refund of all money paid. This Enrollment Agreement is between the above named school and: STUDENT’S NAME ____________________________ Telephone ___________________ Address____________________________________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________________________________________ The school agrees to provide Certified Nurse Aide training and education. Class Start date: _____________ Completion date: ______________ 15 Payment Plan Agreement I, _____________________, will pay the following down payment and will comply with the following monthly payments to be paid in full before the beginning of class in compliance with LSH’s policies stated in the above Student Agreement. Down payment $__________ Monthly payments $__________ STUDENT SIGNATURE STUDENT NAME DATE ________________ Legacy School of Healthcare Authorization LSH REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURE LSH REPRESENTATIVE NAME DATE ________________ 16